Monday, 8 August 2011

A spot of creativity for a Sunday afternoon

So as well as a spot of retail therapy this weekend (and a trip to the pub, hehe), I managed to fit in a creative afternoon with my Mum & niece. Whilst at Meadowhall on Saturday I purchased myself a fab book from Paperchase that we could use as a Guest Book come Keepsake.
So after a few hours of cutting & sticking (it was like being in primary school again - ACE!), here is the final front cover...

We decided against the regular style of Guest Book as it isn't very 'us'. You see, as a teen I was obsessed with the art of decoupage & all things collage related. My school folders were covered in images of the latest bands, make up, and boys! And the small room in our house is now covered with frames full of photo montages from various crazy holidays, nights out & school buddies. So it felt only right that I used what little creative talent I have to do something constructive after the debacle of the invitation meltdown.
Inside we have put a little message to encourage people to write us some lovely messages & add a piccie or two (seen as the Polaroid will be located nearby!) if they fancy.
Now I'm off to find some cheap Polaroid films...

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