Monday, 8 August 2011

A fabbity fab weekend with the ladies

What a lovely weekend I had. How was yours?
It involved a lot of shopping at a particlar Sheffield-based shopping mall, a new pair of shoes, a new top, a new bag & a scolding when I got home (hehe).
It also involved a rather yummy trip to Wagamama too - Yipee, my favourite!

It's been ages since I've had a good bit of retail therapy & it was nice for it to be just the ladies.

H had come up from 'darn saarf' to spend some time with her man & lucky old me. So while A was at work & S was at cricket, we headed off for a dose of girl bonding. My lovely niece J joined us for the trip as H was quite excited to meet her. And after looking at the table plan the other night, H & J may end up sat on the same table so what better excuse for them to get to know one another?
As J is only 16, she can be a bit nervous meeting new people (as I was at that age) but she was just fine & really enjoyed her day.

Is it wrong that I get this excited at people meeting one another?

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