Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I am (Rose the) One Happy Girl!!!

Woo Hoo!

Just found out that Dolce & Gabbana DO produce a matching shower gel & body lotion in their Rose The One collection.
Wedding Day Fragrance? I think so!!!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Patience is a Virtue

And so the saying goes...
Well, this bride could learn a little about patience. I by nature am not an impatient person, just a worrier. And by this I mean that if something takes a long time, I get nervous the longer I have to overthink it.
There's alot to be said about technology. It is, generally, a wonderful, life-enriching thing. But it can be a burden too. Take for example the humble electronic mail...

In my job I send alot of these day to day & generally if I do not receive a response straight away, it really doesn't bother me. I understand that people have lots of other queries to deal with, as do I. I send & receive emails at the speed of light & barely give a passing thought to wether the recipient has read or will reply swiftly to my question, or not.

When it comes to the wedding emails, I worry like no-ones business that the email may not have been received. The recipient may have just clicked 'junk', may have passed it by for more important emails, may have forgotten that I sent it days ago... And so on & so forth.
Whilst this may seem a little silly & a frivilous post at best it's what is going through my head at this present moment. Whilst it may not be the thing of well-written songs about heartache or life troubles, it matters to me at this moment in time.

There's a lot to be said about the face to face meeting.

Friday, 23 September 2011

The Bridal Worries

As I sit here, I am propped up on cushions, hopped up on lots of Ibuprofen & Codeine, and slowed dying of agony...
OK so using the word dying makes me a little bit of a drama queen, but I'll tell you it wasn't pretty at about 3am this morning when I could barely walk to the bathroom.
Needless to say, my darling fiance, is a wonderful man for putting up with me. Let's just hope he can keep up the patience for the next however many years!

Anyway, awakening this morning in more pain than most women experience during chilbirth (I imagine), it got me worrying: What if this happens on the big day? What if I have to be escorted to the ceremony by two paramedics before being rushed to the local A&E department? What if I fall over my clumbsy feet on the final decent to the ceremony room only to fall & break a limb? Or two?

I am sure it must be perfectly normal to have worries like this, the closer the date gets. Mustn't it?

As my MOH will vouch, I am one of the world's worst worriers. I am the eternal pessimist. And so is she... And yet we manage to help each other through very difficult situations. She joked the other day that if were paid to worry, we would retire very happy woman (and yet still probably find something to worry about!).

But I shall keep a smile on my face & remind myself that nothing bad is going to happen. The law of averages states it. So I think we'll be fine... Won't we?

Creeping Closer

Well it's just over 5 months until we get married & about to head into the busiest period of my life!
When people said it would hit me like a brick wall, they weren't kidding. My diary has never been so thumbed!

Accepting that nothing is that individual...

So when I started out on this bridal journey, I was forever yearning for the wedding to be "something different", something that "people had never experienced before". And the more & more I look at wedding blogs & magazines, I realise that I am a mere cog in the wedding industry as much as I try not to be.

The thing is... What is different anymore?

So many couples for the past decade or so have tried so hard to be different that they have merely created the next wedding trend! And no doubt in years to come, our children will look back at the 50s style dresses, vintage styling, teacups & mismatched flowers & ask "Mum, what were you thinking?!". And I think I can accept that... Just.
Long gone are the days when having your wedding abroad was something unusual. I know two brides that have done that this year alone. Not that I criticise. Each to their own...

I think the wedding industry may be about to accept the shift in mood amongst brides. Women have stepped out of the taffeta monstrosities, thrown down their tear drop bouquets, dragged the crystal tiara out of their hair & said "This isn't for me!". And we as the wedding congregation are starting to accept that you don't need the sugared almonds or the three tiered white-iced fruit cake to make a wedding any longer. Brides are now finally getting to choose what they do & don't want from the tradition-steeped pile of 'wedding musts'.

I know for one, we have picked & chosen what we want. I like tradition sometimes. But sometimes it just doesn't fit. And in some cases, it certainly doesn't fit with us! Why if I am getting married in the same venue as my reception do I want some vintage Rolls Royce to take me for a ride around the block because "it'll look good on the photos" ?!?! What a terrible waste of fuel & money!!! Not at our wedding... No sir-ee!

I have bridezilla moments of utter panic that the invitations won't look quite right & tie in with the menus on the table for the big day. And then I stand back, laugh at myself & get over it, in the same matter of craze-fueled moments it took me to get into my worried state in the first place. As my University Technical teacher always used to say to me "You'll make it work Zoe, you always do."

Well... Here's hoping...