Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Fabbity Fab Fab

I received a facebook message from Linda today (wedding dress designer) saying that she had found some lovely material samples for my maids' dresses. Eeeeeeeek... How exciting!?

I cannot wait to receive the email :-D

Eccentric & English

So if an email starts by telling you that the email you had sent (to which they are replying) was the most enthusiastic crockery-related email they had ever received, you'd be happy... Right?

Well I was.

As you can tell I received an email back from Katie at & what a fabaroony email it was. She gave me lots of ideas of how to fully utilise her crockery. I mean I know she is obviously not going to dissuade me from wanting to hire her goods but still... She didn't have to go to so much effort. I mean I was already sold on the idea as she's based in West Yorkshire (as am I). But she sent me lots of lovely ideas on what to do for centrepieces etc.

So, at present, my mind is reeling from all the ideas of how to use her china. I can see lots of pearl necklaces, yummy sweeties & girly flowers. Something quite quintessentially English tea party I feel. Even the groom-to-be likes the ideas so it can't be all bad.

I am currently waiting on an email reply from her to see when me & H can go have a gander at the lovely yummy china things. Maybe she'll let us stop for afternoon tea? He he.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Congratulations to my girl crush (haha)

Emma Case got married!!! And in an ultimately Rock & Roll way... With a surprise wedding. Damn I wish I'd thought of that!
And so far, from the photos I have peeked on Rock & Roll Bride, she included a few nods to one of my favourite ever movies: Back To The Future.

A girl after my own heart...!


Well... As the title suggests. We have firmly decided on the idea of a Disneymoon. I love reading the word... Disneymoon (hehe).

Vintage China Yumminess

Today I discovered some vintage lovliness!

And they are based in Huddersfield - I could not be more excited if I tried. It has the seal of approval from S, H & my Mum so all is well with the world.
Check out the link to their website & see what you think?

I started with the idea of sourcing all my own china from various charity shops etc. and so far I have done ok. But what the heck am I going to do with it all once the wedding is over? I tried to find hire companies online but failed as most were based in 'that London' (as my brother calls it) & charged extraordinary fees for delivery/collection. My heart had sunk until today!!!!

YAY for the internet & all it's wonderment - For it has restored my faith in the world. 

I have emailed the lovely lady that runs the website & got a little giddy. H even read the email & said it was a cute one, haha. Cute... That's me! But anyway... I shall await a response & if I use them then I shall shout their name from the rooftop & tell all my friends.


Thursday, 10 March 2011

It's the Date to Save

Posted my very first Save The Date card today - To my sister.
The rest I can give out by hand & the gang will no doubt get theirs this weekend.
Gave A (the Best Man) his & the response...? "It's not a very detailed invite, is it?"


But Hey...

Not really a wedding related matter but Hey... It's my blog.
Just wanted to say how riduclously excited I am for my weekend at H's, this weekend.
Me & the groom-to-be get to spend some time with our bestest friends - All 8 of them!
It will most probably involve a little wine, some silly board games & maybe even some baking - The best combination in my opinion.

Hopefully a little wedding chatter will feature but it will mostly be a jolly good catch up & maybe even a bit of organisation toward our week in Cornwall this summer - The Awesome 8 hit St Ives in August for a week of Stag/Hen fun in the sun - A-woo-hoo indeed!!!

That's a bit more like it...

After the horrendously astonishing quote for my hair for the wedding... My faith in humanity has been restored - Hurrah!
A lovely lady called Lorretta (the girlfriend of a work colleague), has offered to style the hair of me & my three lovely, older bridesmaids for the princely sum of £16 each - Now that's more like it.
I mean... £250... I ask you... And that was only for me!!!

Mate's rates can't be beaten. Needless to say I am a happier bride to be today :-D

Friday, 4 March 2011

On a non-wedding related matter...

To most people reading this blog, this will mean absolutely nothing but...
Just wanted to say how happy I am that our Best Man (A) has managed to find happiness with my amazing co-organiser, H!
You guys are awesome...

Endevour for independence

I like things that no-one else likes. Or at least I like to believe I do. I always strive to buy things that I know no-one else has.
Don't get me wrong. This is in no way snobbery... I like the compliments that you receive if you have a fab bag that no-one you know owns & my friends say "Wow!" - But doesn't every girl do that? Or is that just my friends...?

Anyway... On this thought pattern, I am really trying to strive & find fab stuff for the wedding that I have never seen at other weddings I have been to. Not really so much for the WOW factor. More to please myself, hehe. One website I get alot of inspiration from is - The brides on there are my kinda brides!

My poor mother is having all her expectations shattered although I think she is quite enjoying it really. The main reason is the last wedding she helped to plan was my sister's back in 1994. And my sister & I could not be more different if we tried. Another factor that adds to this is the variety of choice available now compared with 17 years ago when Big Sis got married...

The Big Sis was insistent on a Rolls Royce to get her to the church but that it not my scene at all! Even my sister has to admit that if she were to get married this year there are alot of things she would do differently. She has played one major influence on my wedding though that I have to thank her for... The size of the guest list!

My sister had around 150 guests for the ceremony & the day reception as the Big White Wedding was the 'done thing' in the day. But she found it very overwhelming & like she didn't enjoy herself as she should have. And when S proposed the first piece of advice she gave me was "Don't have the BIG day... Make it your own & don't let the guest list go over the top. You need to enjoy yourself & not feel like you are just on parade in front of a lot of faces you haven't even seen for years."

So... The guest list has maxed at around 35 & we're really happy with it. As are our parents, thankfully!

This post has gone a little off track but what I was trying to say is... Like every bride, I am trying to do things my own way!

"Wedding" Rant

What is it about the word 'wedding' that makes people believe they have the right to completely fleece people of all their hard earned cash?
Earlier today I emailed a hairdressing firm regarding my hair/make-up for the Big Day. And do you know what they quoted... £250!!!!! I almost fell backward off my chair when I read the figure - I couldn't believe my eyes & had to scan the words again to truly believe what I had read.
The thing that annoyed me most is that this 'delightful' woman advised the price of mine before advising that it would be £40 per bridesmaid. Now what exactly is she going to do so differently to my hair that she won't to the Bridesmaid - And so much so that it demands an extra £90 on top of their price.
And £100 just for the make-up!!!!
Now don't get me wrong I am aware this woman will have had training in beauty etc. as her website stated so but... £250?!?!?!

This really got my struck and quite angry. What would she have quoted had I said it was for a mere night out?? In fact, S suggested I email from a different account to see what that quote would read.

What is it about the word wedding that entitles people to bend naive Bride & Grooms over & stick it where the sun don't shine?!?!