Thursday, 11 August 2011

May I present the man I am about to marry...?

Monday, 8 August 2011

A spot of creativity for a Sunday afternoon

So as well as a spot of retail therapy this weekend (and a trip to the pub, hehe), I managed to fit in a creative afternoon with my Mum & niece. Whilst at Meadowhall on Saturday I purchased myself a fab book from Paperchase that we could use as a Guest Book come Keepsake.
So after a few hours of cutting & sticking (it was like being in primary school again - ACE!), here is the final front cover...

We decided against the regular style of Guest Book as it isn't very 'us'. You see, as a teen I was obsessed with the art of decoupage & all things collage related. My school folders were covered in images of the latest bands, make up, and boys! And the small room in our house is now covered with frames full of photo montages from various crazy holidays, nights out & school buddies. So it felt only right that I used what little creative talent I have to do something constructive after the debacle of the invitation meltdown.
Inside we have put a little message to encourage people to write us some lovely messages & add a piccie or two (seen as the Polaroid will be located nearby!) if they fancy.
Now I'm off to find some cheap Polaroid films...

A fabbity fab weekend with the ladies

What a lovely weekend I had. How was yours?
It involved a lot of shopping at a particlar Sheffield-based shopping mall, a new pair of shoes, a new top, a new bag & a scolding when I got home (hehe).
It also involved a rather yummy trip to Wagamama too - Yipee, my favourite!

It's been ages since I've had a good bit of retail therapy & it was nice for it to be just the ladies.

H had come up from 'darn saarf' to spend some time with her man & lucky old me. So while A was at work & S was at cricket, we headed off for a dose of girl bonding. My lovely niece J joined us for the trip as H was quite excited to meet her. And after looking at the table plan the other night, H & J may end up sat on the same table so what better excuse for them to get to know one another?
As J is only 16, she can be a bit nervous meeting new people (as I was at that age) but she was just fine & really enjoyed her day.

Is it wrong that I get this excited at people meeting one another?

Friday, 5 August 2011

My saviour?

It's true. I am the most indecisive bride ever!
I honestly don't do it in a "I simply have to have everything perfect. That dot of red on the invite has to be removed & a bluebird put in its place" kind of way. It's more that I have so many ideas buzzing around my head at one time that I find it difficult to make a final decision.
Take these blooming invites for example: I cannot seem to decide what I am doing with them. At first I had visions of being the perfect domestic goddess with all her crafty tools out on the dining room table, ready to hand-make nearly 100 invitations.
I thought I would be able to make amazing things that looked somewhat like this:


Was I mad?!?!
It took me long enough to make all of 15 Save-The-Date cards & they were tiny!

I suppose I have no problem with the amount of time, it’s the fact that I’m not 100% sure I can do the stellar job I need to do. After all, this is the big one. This is the day that people will hopefully remember for years to come. And probably judge for years to come & it all starts with one invitation!
One piece of paper that will make all the difference. Erm... How much pressure?!?

Anyway... After having a pathetic bridal almost-meltdown over nothing, S correctly reminded me that we know a lovely man who just happens to be a fabulous friend (although we do not see him nearly as much as we would like) who happens to be a graphic designer. "Why didn't I ask him before?" I exclaimed.
So after a hasty text conversation yesterday, I have emailed Mr Partridge of The Pear Tree to see how he can help. Let's hope I've found my saviour, eh?

Now if only I can figure out what I would like him to do...

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Measure for Measure

Saturday marked the first proper meeting with my ladies. J, L & S all got to finally meet one another properly & have a bit of girl bonding time. I was very excited!
Off we dashed in S's fabbity convertible (!) to our appointment with Dresses @ No 9. Oh yes... Me & my ladies were rolling in style!
We all got measured up for the dresses. Chatted for a full hour with Linda at Dresses @ No 9 about designs, ideas, flowers & fabric. My ladies are having a fifties circle design like mine but in a Cath Kidston-esque fabric (once Linda finds it). The two younger ladies are having a traditional halter neck whilst S is going for more of a bateau neckline like mine. She needs to stand out after all... She is the M.O.H!

We discussed the idea of three varying colours with mixed up petticoats to add some extra wow. And I truly cannot wait for the next step. However that bit doesn't come until November...
Oh well... Good things come to those who wait & as soon as Linda emails me with some fabric ideas, I shall be sure to share :-)

The other lull...

Whilst I may be out of one lull. I am, however, very deep in the weight-loss lull. I cannot seem to get past the 2 stone barrier. HELP! Where's Rosemary Connolly when you need her? Or better yet, a personal trainer.

Let's hope the holiday to Cornwall will sweep out the cobwebs & I shall come back fighting fit!

The Lull is Over!

What a lazy blogger I am. And for this I must sincerely apologise. I realise I haven't actually typed a word to you since May. And for this I apologise also.
I am rubbish... It's official!

But enough of the self-deprecation, 'GET ON WITH IT!' I hear you say. So here I go...

It's official: I am out of the lull. 'What lull?' I hear you ask. The wedding lull. That hazy period in the wedding planning where you really feel like you should have something to do. But you don't. And not for the lack of trying either. Days spent flicking through my diary to ensure I hadn't forgotten anything so far. Days of typing out rather articulate & witty emails to my wedding suppliers only to swiftly realise that they are very busy people & probably couldn't care less about my absent-minded rambling thoughts. Needless to say... I've been bored.
I can hear you saying I should have been busy updating this blooming blog if I was so bored. But what did I have to write? I had nothing to say. Well... Nothing interesting to say. I could have typed out one of those ever-interesting emails, like I almost sent to my various suppliers but there's a reason they went straight to the deleted folder - They were nonsense.

But I'm back! I'm back... I promise!