Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Sue at work started a conversation about gifts today. She is getting married in September & was wondering what to buy her maids for a "thank you". She thinks she will just buy them all the same jewellry.
But it got me thinking again (as I have already started)... What to buy my lovely ladies...?


Saturday, 23 April 2011

The 'making it legal' part

So a couple of weeks ago, S & I bobbed along to our local registry office to "give notice" for our wedding. To those of you that aren't married, it's like the Bans in church. Basically, your names go up on the wall & the people of your town have about 2 weeks to object to your wedding before you receive the wedding license. In order to do this, you must be interviewed, seperately, by the Registrar.
Now, as we are getting married in Calderdale but live in Kirklees we had to do it slightly differently. It meant booking the Registrar through Calderdale Council for the actual ceremony but then giving notice with Kirklees Council. No-one warns you about all this before you say "Yes"!
Anyway... On the actual day, I went first. Was asked to show my passport; asked if I was married already, if I was known as a different name etc. all the security checks you would expect. If I knew S's D.O.B and his parents' names? It took about 10 minutes in all before S could go in. And guess what... He remembered everything except the wedding date, haha. Apparently the Registrar just giggled when he couldn't quite remember.

Still, it's not as bad as S's friend Scott who forgot his wife-to-be's full name when he met the Registrar! Or my friend's husband-to-be (who shall remain nameless) who forgot his fiancee's address EVEN THOUGH THEY LIVED TOGETHER & HAD JUST GIVEN HIS OWN ADDRESS WITHOUT HESITATION!
Men eh...?

Bridal Boot-Camp

For most of my life I have tried to lose weight. I have sometimes been successful but not often. This time however, I am in the correct frame of mind, I think. And I must be because I have lost a total of 19lbs as of yesterday, since Jan 14th.
I have had ups & downs along the weight-loss road in 2011 but overall I am losing what I set out to: A steady 1-2lbs a week.
And with the help of an online food diary and walking to work & back every day, I am managing just fine.
But this week I turned it up a notch in the hope of boosting my lust for a more slender frame (and smaller bridal gown). So this week I tried not one but two classes: Zumba & Pilates.

Zumba was so energetic, I don't think I have perspired that much for some time. It's basically a mix of aerobics & salsa dancing. But it makes for great fun & a fab way to burn those weekend calories when we go on a Monday evening. It's not on for the next two weeks due to the Bank Hols but make no mistake, I shall return for the next class!

If Zumba is high energy then consider Pilates at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Meant to concentrate on improving posture & flexibility, Pilates is very chilled. I felt I had worked out my muscles but without sweating my backside off. And the extra exercise of walking to the class & back helps too.
I could definitely feel that my muscles had had a workout the day after & I shall be going back next week for the next installment.
With a small class of only 6 it means the teacher has more time to help us to ensure we are moving, laying, stretching etc. in the right way. And I definitely found out my weak spots (namely my hips) and what to work on. I'll be a contortionist before I know it, he he.


Right... Where are we up to?

I know it isn't the longest blog in the world but for those of you that care, I thought I would just see where I'm up to.
Weddings are very grand things to plan/execute so I just needed a quick catch-up; a check off list, if you will.
In order to keep the rambling going, I need to know that you know where I am at the moment. So...
The things I have organised thus far:

- My lovely dress design, with Mrs Linda Leigh-Davey at Dresses at No 9. And I cannot tell you how excited I am for that. The thought of wedding dress shopping never really did anything for me, but I tried it for my Mother's sake (bless her, she nearly cried) & it was ok. But the thought of having a dress made that is mine, all mine, makes me very giddy indeed. Nothing is happening on that front yet, as it doesn't need to. But she emails me a lot & is generally a blooming lovely lady - So I cannot wait for my first appointment in June!

- Got the photography sorted with the only photographer I could ever have at my wedding (despite the wandering looks at Emma Case): Mr Rob Booker. I met Rob while at University & he was a bloody talented photographer then. And I have him to thank for me finding Linda. His website contained a picture of a woman in a gorgeous dress & I just had to know who made it... And that lady was Linda. Anyway... We met up with Rob & he seemed to like all our thoughts on photography for the big day. And we know he will do an amazing job!

- The flowers. How I cannot wait for the flowers. A fellow bride at work said this was the bit she was dreading??! I don't think she is a flower person, as all she kept saying is "Well they just die" to which I replied "Well have something other than flowers then?" to which she looked very shocked & put out. She is a very traditional bride & cannot seem to get her head around alot of my ideas for our wedding. But I don't mind.
Anyway, I digress... The flowers are kindly being done by my good friend Anne-Marie (who also happens to be a fabbity amateur photographer - Check her out!). She is very like-minded & I know she will do a fabulous job. She constantly throws names at me that I have to google & then reply with "I like the pink one". Intelligent, I know...

- The bridesmaids are lucky enough to be having a bespoke dresses too. And you think I'm excited at the thought of having a dress made that is mine all mine? You should talk to the maids! This is the material picture that Linda sent me (the roll pulled out)...

I am so thoroughly thrilled at the thought of seeing my 3 beautiful grown-up maids in a floral 50s number, I cannot tell you. And my ladies are all very excited too :-D

- S & I have had a meeting with Sue at Tilly's Cakes about the fab idea we had for a cake. No three-tier-monstrosity for us... No No No! Think afternoon tea mixed with country fate & you're almost there. Cannot wait to finalise the plans for that one. And it may involve another cupcake sample if we're lucky.

- Myself, H & my maid-of-honour had a lovely meeting with Katie at Eccentric & English last week who had just the crockery we were looking for. Take a look at her website for pics & I am sure you will agree that we are going to be able to create some great tea-party/Alice-in-Wonderland/cricket-tea style centrepieces. I am thinking stacked up mismatched cups + pearl necklaces + teapots with flowers = Loveliness.

- The honeymoon destination... Don't get me started on that decision again. But we're happy now... We have finally decided on a Disneymoon for the two of us & I couldn't agree more. We followed our hearts & not our heads on that one. Now it's just a case of saving up for it!

- The legal bit, I'll go into that one in a minute.

- Ha! Almost forgot to mention probably the biggest thing of them all... The venue! How could I forget that I've booked that?! Holdsworth House in Halifax on Saturday 25th Feb 2012... That's where I'll be with my wonderful Hubby. As we got a sort of "package" deal with them, they will be sorting the food. We have the menus & have almost decided on the menu choices that we will offer. And it all looks super scrum-diddly-umpious if you ask me! But with them sorting the food, it means we don't have to worry about finding any caterors!

Erm... I think that's kind of it for now. So you're up to speed right?


Good Morning Readers (all two of you)...
Can I just start with an apology. I have been made aware by both of you that I am a lazy blogger. This is true...
And for this, I apologise.