Thursday, 5 May 2011

What a palaver!

I will sound like an absolute Bridezilla saying this but... what a palaver!
Finally got round to making an appointment with Linda for my first measurements to be taken (all of a sudden that chocolate biscuit doesn't look so tempting anymore). She said that I may as well bring along my maids for the first one so we can all be measured together. So here's where the fun began.

Everything so far has seemed to run smoothly (finger's crossed) until it comes to synchronising the diaries of 4 grown women (well, 3 grown women & the other's mother). It was a case of "I can do this date, but I can't do that" etc. etc. Until we finally got a date of Saturday 30th July. So this means that I really need to organise everything like two months in advance if I wish to get them all in the same room on the same day. But I suppose it is good that I learn this at an early stage?

Linda did say that she has hardly any brides that manage to get all their maids to one fitting at a time which only made me all the more determined to do it, lol!

I haven't really carried a diary since University (final project = aaarrrrgggh) as I usually write things on the kitchen calender; that way S can see them as well. But yesterday made me realise that a bride really does need to carry one around as trying to remember all the appointments in ones head is not an easy task.

The paperwork is ready

Woo Hoo! We picked up the marriage certificate last night. So now I have the official permission to get married - No-one objected. Yay us :-D
So know I just have to remember to get it posted off to the actual Registrar...