Friday, 4 March 2011

"Wedding" Rant

What is it about the word 'wedding' that makes people believe they have the right to completely fleece people of all their hard earned cash?
Earlier today I emailed a hairdressing firm regarding my hair/make-up for the Big Day. And do you know what they quoted... £250!!!!! I almost fell backward off my chair when I read the figure - I couldn't believe my eyes & had to scan the words again to truly believe what I had read.
The thing that annoyed me most is that this 'delightful' woman advised the price of mine before advising that it would be £40 per bridesmaid. Now what exactly is she going to do so differently to my hair that she won't to the Bridesmaid - And so much so that it demands an extra £90 on top of their price.
And £100 just for the make-up!!!!
Now don't get me wrong I am aware this woman will have had training in beauty etc. as her website stated so but... £250?!?!?!

This really got my struck and quite angry. What would she have quoted had I said it was for a mere night out?? In fact, S suggested I email from a different account to see what that quote would read.

What is it about the word wedding that entitles people to bend naive Bride & Grooms over & stick it where the sun don't shine?!?!


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