Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Eccentric & English

So if an email starts by telling you that the email you had sent (to which they are replying) was the most enthusiastic crockery-related email they had ever received, you'd be happy... Right?

Well I was.

As you can tell I received an email back from Katie at & what a fabaroony email it was. She gave me lots of ideas of how to fully utilise her crockery. I mean I know she is obviously not going to dissuade me from wanting to hire her goods but still... She didn't have to go to so much effort. I mean I was already sold on the idea as she's based in West Yorkshire (as am I). But she sent me lots of lovely ideas on what to do for centrepieces etc.

So, at present, my mind is reeling from all the ideas of how to use her china. I can see lots of pearl necklaces, yummy sweeties & girly flowers. Something quite quintessentially English tea party I feel. Even the groom-to-be likes the ideas so it can't be all bad.

I am currently waiting on an email reply from her to see when me & H can go have a gander at the lovely yummy china things. Maybe she'll let us stop for afternoon tea? He he.

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