Friday, 4 March 2011

Endevour for independence

I like things that no-one else likes. Or at least I like to believe I do. I always strive to buy things that I know no-one else has.
Don't get me wrong. This is in no way snobbery... I like the compliments that you receive if you have a fab bag that no-one you know owns & my friends say "Wow!" - But doesn't every girl do that? Or is that just my friends...?

Anyway... On this thought pattern, I am really trying to strive & find fab stuff for the wedding that I have never seen at other weddings I have been to. Not really so much for the WOW factor. More to please myself, hehe. One website I get alot of inspiration from is - The brides on there are my kinda brides!

My poor mother is having all her expectations shattered although I think she is quite enjoying it really. The main reason is the last wedding she helped to plan was my sister's back in 1994. And my sister & I could not be more different if we tried. Another factor that adds to this is the variety of choice available now compared with 17 years ago when Big Sis got married...

The Big Sis was insistent on a Rolls Royce to get her to the church but that it not my scene at all! Even my sister has to admit that if she were to get married this year there are alot of things she would do differently. She has played one major influence on my wedding though that I have to thank her for... The size of the guest list!

My sister had around 150 guests for the ceremony & the day reception as the Big White Wedding was the 'done thing' in the day. But she found it very overwhelming & like she didn't enjoy herself as she should have. And when S proposed the first piece of advice she gave me was "Don't have the BIG day... Make it your own & don't let the guest list go over the top. You need to enjoy yourself & not feel like you are just on parade in front of a lot of faces you haven't even seen for years."

So... The guest list has maxed at around 35 & we're really happy with it. As are our parents, thankfully!

This post has gone a little off track but what I was trying to say is... Like every bride, I am trying to do things my own way!

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