Thursday, 3 February 2011


They say a second-in-command (or Maid of Honour as most brides call them) has to be a pillar of strength in times of stress. So boy did I pick the correct person...

S [or MOH as she will be known] is the best Maid of Honour a girl could ask for. I have many close friends who were considered for the role - Ha! Makes me sound like a casting director or something doesn't it? - But S came out on top thanks to her grounded attitude & ability to make me see what I know I really want.
After meeting at University, we have helped one another through family stress & trials. After much laughter (and tears) I felt it only correct that I ask her to be my "right hand man" on the big day. And so far she's doing a fab job!
After all... I need someone who, on the day, won't be afraid to give a slap around the face & say "PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!"

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