Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Perfect Beginning

So back in April 2009 [after almost 5 years together], my lovely other half (S) decided to pop the question. We were in St Ives, Cornwall at the time & it was about 8 o'clock in the morning. We had gone for a walk whilst still in our scruffs. So I am about to walk down the stairs onto the beach when he gets down on one knee & whips out a little dinky box. I was stunned. He blooming-well proposed!

I instantly burst into tears (I am not usually that much of a girl) & said "YES!" I must have been crying a lot as an older lady, walking her dog, approached us to ask if I was ok as I looked terribly upset. Haha! When S explained, she happily said "Oh... CONGRATULATIONS" and left us standing there.

After a calming cup of tea in a nearby cafe, we strolled back to the cottage where were staying with S' parents. They were very happy for us & I was surprised by how much his Dad cried. Bless!

Once back up North, we had to get the ring ordered in a different size as S had bought it on a whim, the day before we left for Cornwall so didn't have the right size. No problem... Jewellers to the rescue! And a few weeks later, there I was sporting my new fabulous platinum solitaire diamond band - I could not be more happy!

So fast forward almost two years & we're finally ready to plan a wedding...

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