Thursday, 3 February 2011

Mooning over the Honey

Today I have been mostly dreaming of lovely honeymoon destinations. I know that we have not even booked the venue yet but a girl can dream. And boy do I dream!
Why I am not marrying a millionaire, I do not know... I would make a very good millionaire's wife - I have no problem spending money that doesn't belong to me, hehe.
There is one place that we think we want to go but we're really not sure. That place, ladies & gentlemen is NYC!

I have wanted to go here since I was a youngster & think it would be a fab destination for our honeymoon! S also agrees that he'd really love to see New York & that it's somewhere we need to see before we think about settling down & having a family.
So "What's the problem?" you may ask. Well... There's a niggling thing at the back of our minds. The thought of another place that we both love & are wondering if it may be the place for a honeymoon. It's a place we've been before & know we still want to go back as there is still so much we want to see/do...

That damned mouse just has me in his grasp & won't let go! We went last year (again!) and loved it so much (again!). We have never been just the two of us before & S would really love to drive out there too.

I have priced up the two & for a week in New York we would probably spend as much as for two weeks in Orlando.

Decisions... Decisions... I think this going to be one of the more diffcult ones.

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