Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Meet H...

Well, where do i start with H? Amongst the Bridal party, she is the indispensable one! Although not the Maid of Honour or one of the Bridesmaids she is playing a far more important role in my eyes... The fellow planner!

Ever the resourceful one, H is a dab hand at internet research, like myself. And spends many the office hour (Oops), trawling the web for fabulous blogs/sites for inspiration. I never tire of receiving the odd surprise email to break up my day. Featuring fab ideas for anything from flowers to bridal shoes & hairstyles to wedding favours.

She is always on the look-out for ideas & I think by the end of this 12 months we will not have only planned my wedding but H's too! Ever the saving grace in my hour of need, she is fab at seeing things from all perspectives. Quirky & Kitsch, she is a budding 50s bride like myself & I cannot wait for the day I get to repay the favour & help to plan her wedding (if she lets me).

We both want to be best friends with Emma Case [Photographer], both worship the Rock & Roll Bride's blog as a fountain of much inspiration for all things wedding-y. Are both very excited for my Dresses at No 9 dress, and for the many baking sessions to come, in our plot to make the best wedding favours ever!

In the coming weeks/months, most of the pictures/ideas you see on here will no doubt be as a result of H. And for that, I thank her!

Love you H xxx

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  1. Who doesn't want to be friends with Emma Case!!!!