Saturday, 23 April 2011

The 'making it legal' part

So a couple of weeks ago, S & I bobbed along to our local registry office to "give notice" for our wedding. To those of you that aren't married, it's like the Bans in church. Basically, your names go up on the wall & the people of your town have about 2 weeks to object to your wedding before you receive the wedding license. In order to do this, you must be interviewed, seperately, by the Registrar.
Now, as we are getting married in Calderdale but live in Kirklees we had to do it slightly differently. It meant booking the Registrar through Calderdale Council for the actual ceremony but then giving notice with Kirklees Council. No-one warns you about all this before you say "Yes"!
Anyway... On the actual day, I went first. Was asked to show my passport; asked if I was married already, if I was known as a different name etc. all the security checks you would expect. If I knew S's D.O.B and his parents' names? It took about 10 minutes in all before S could go in. And guess what... He remembered everything except the wedding date, haha. Apparently the Registrar just giggled when he couldn't quite remember.

Still, it's not as bad as S's friend Scott who forgot his wife-to-be's full name when he met the Registrar! Or my friend's husband-to-be (who shall remain nameless) who forgot his fiancee's address EVEN THOUGH THEY LIVED TOGETHER & HAD JUST GIVEN HIS OWN ADDRESS WITHOUT HESITATION!
Men eh...?

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