Saturday, 23 April 2011


Right... Where are we up to?

I know it isn't the longest blog in the world but for those of you that care, I thought I would just see where I'm up to.
Weddings are very grand things to plan/execute so I just needed a quick catch-up; a check off list, if you will.
In order to keep the rambling going, I need to know that you know where I am at the moment. So...
The things I have organised thus far:

- My lovely dress design, with Mrs Linda Leigh-Davey at Dresses at No 9. And I cannot tell you how excited I am for that. The thought of wedding dress shopping never really did anything for me, but I tried it for my Mother's sake (bless her, she nearly cried) & it was ok. But the thought of having a dress made that is mine, all mine, makes me very giddy indeed. Nothing is happening on that front yet, as it doesn't need to. But she emails me a lot & is generally a blooming lovely lady - So I cannot wait for my first appointment in June!

- Got the photography sorted with the only photographer I could ever have at my wedding (despite the wandering looks at Emma Case): Mr Rob Booker. I met Rob while at University & he was a bloody talented photographer then. And I have him to thank for me finding Linda. His website contained a picture of a woman in a gorgeous dress & I just had to know who made it... And that lady was Linda. Anyway... We met up with Rob & he seemed to like all our thoughts on photography for the big day. And we know he will do an amazing job!

- The flowers. How I cannot wait for the flowers. A fellow bride at work said this was the bit she was dreading??! I don't think she is a flower person, as all she kept saying is "Well they just die" to which I replied "Well have something other than flowers then?" to which she looked very shocked & put out. She is a very traditional bride & cannot seem to get her head around alot of my ideas for our wedding. But I don't mind.
Anyway, I digress... The flowers are kindly being done by my good friend Anne-Marie (who also happens to be a fabbity amateur photographer - Check her out!). She is very like-minded & I know she will do a fabulous job. She constantly throws names at me that I have to google & then reply with "I like the pink one". Intelligent, I know...

- The bridesmaids are lucky enough to be having a bespoke dresses too. And you think I'm excited at the thought of having a dress made that is mine all mine? You should talk to the maids! This is the material picture that Linda sent me (the roll pulled out)...

I am so thoroughly thrilled at the thought of seeing my 3 beautiful grown-up maids in a floral 50s number, I cannot tell you. And my ladies are all very excited too :-D

- S & I have had a meeting with Sue at Tilly's Cakes about the fab idea we had for a cake. No three-tier-monstrosity for us... No No No! Think afternoon tea mixed with country fate & you're almost there. Cannot wait to finalise the plans for that one. And it may involve another cupcake sample if we're lucky.

- Myself, H & my maid-of-honour had a lovely meeting with Katie at Eccentric & English last week who had just the crockery we were looking for. Take a look at her website for pics & I am sure you will agree that we are going to be able to create some great tea-party/Alice-in-Wonderland/cricket-tea style centrepieces. I am thinking stacked up mismatched cups + pearl necklaces + teapots with flowers = Loveliness.

- The honeymoon destination... Don't get me started on that decision again. But we're happy now... We have finally decided on a Disneymoon for the two of us & I couldn't agree more. We followed our hearts & not our heads on that one. Now it's just a case of saving up for it!

- The legal bit, I'll go into that one in a minute.

- Ha! Almost forgot to mention probably the biggest thing of them all... The venue! How could I forget that I've booked that?! Holdsworth House in Halifax on Saturday 25th Feb 2012... That's where I'll be with my wonderful Hubby. As we got a sort of "package" deal with them, they will be sorting the food. We have the menus & have almost decided on the menu choices that we will offer. And it all looks super scrum-diddly-umpious if you ask me! But with them sorting the food, it means we don't have to worry about finding any caterors!

Erm... I think that's kind of it for now. So you're up to speed right?

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